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Researcher: Scott Sanders

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Areas of Expertise
  • Energy efficiency
  • Biomechanics
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing
  • Controls
  • Engines
  • Solar energy
  • Power electronics
  • Design
  • Optimization
  • Swept-wavelength sources
  • Advanced spectrometers
  • Hyperspectral imaging
  • Optical sensors
  • Piston and aeropropulsion engines
Web Site Scott Sanders' Department of Mechanical Engineering Website
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Issued Patent(s)
  • 8,149,415 - Background-free absorption spectroscopy using spectral differentiator, issued April 2012.
  • 7,889,769 - Multi-spectral laser source employing periodically poled crystal mixer, issued February 2011.
  • 7,633,977 - Multispectral laser with improved time division multiplexing, issued December 2009.
  • 7,613,214 - Multi-wavelength mode locked laser, issued November 2009.
  • 7,196,839 - Super-continuum UV source, issued March 2007.
USPTO Published Applications
  • 20130194571 - Monolithic fiber optic sensor assembly, published August 2013.
  • 20110188046 - Background-free absorption spectroscopy using spectral differentiator, published August 2011.
  • 20100329291 - Multi-spectral laser source employing periodically poled crystal mixer, published December 2010.
  • 20090041465 - Multispectral laser with improved time division multiplexing, published February 2009.
  • 20080285037 - Multi-wavelength mode locked laser, published November 2008.
Recent Publication(s)
  • Measurements of multiple gas parameters in a pulsed-detonation combustor using timedivision-multiplexed fourier-domain mode-locked lasers. Caswell AW, Roy S, An X, Sanders ST, FR Schauer, JR Gord. Applied Optics. 2013 Apr 20;52(12):2893-2904. doi: 10.1364/AO.52.002893.

  • HRRY-spectral and related terms: A refined nomenclature for high repetition rate hyperspectral systems. Conrad BL, Sanders ST. Optics and Laser Technology. 2013 Mar;46(1):134-138. doi: 10.1016/j.optlastec.2012.02.034.

  • 50-kHz-rate 2D imaging of temperature and H2O concentration at the exhaust plane of a J85 engine using hyperspectral tomography. Ma L, Li X, Sanders ST, Caswell AW, S Roy, et al. Optics Express. 2013 Jan 14;21(1):1152-1162. doi: 10.1364/OE.21.001152.

  • Doppler-limited H2O and HF absorption spectroscopy by sweeping the 1,321-1,354 nm range at 55 kHz repetition rate using a single-mode mems-tunable VCSEL. Stein BA, Jayaraman V, Jiang JY, Cable A, ST Sanders. Applied Physics B: Lasers and Optics. 2012 Sep;108(4):721-725. doi: 10.1007/s00340-012-5135-1.
Recent Artistic Works
  • Chevron Energy & Technology Co. Richmond, CA
  • Spectral Energies Dayton, OH
Research Tools
Research Facilities
  • Engine Research Center
E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number 608-262-3540
Current University UW–Madison
Department Mechanical Engineering
Title Professor
Other Appointments
Address Line 1 113 Engineering Research Building
Address Line 2 1500 Engineering Drive
City Madison
State WI
Zip Code 53706
Bachelor's Degree B.S., Valparaiso University, 1997
Master's Degree M.S., Stanford University, 1998
PhD Ph.D., Stanford University, 2002
Other Degrees
Technologies Available for Licensing High-Speed, Swept Frequency Spectroscopic System

Modeless Wavelength-Agile Laser

Super-Continuum Ultraviolet Light Source with Single Stage Laser Drive

Continuous-Wave Laser Source for High Speed Spectroscopy

Spectrographic Sensor for Precisely Measuring Gas Parameters in an Internal Combustion Engine

Multi-Spectral Laser with Periodically Poled Crystal Mixer for Carbon Isotope Ratio Measurements

Multispectral Laser with Improved Time Division Multiplexing

Background-Free Absorption Spectroscopy with Undithered Light Sources

Monolithic Fiber Optic Sensor Assembly for High-Temperature or Corrosive Environments

Multi-Wavelength Mode-Locked Laser