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Researcher: Max Lagally

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Areas of Expertise
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Corrosion
  • Metals
  • Nanomaterials
  • Plasma
  • Polymers
  • Biomaterials
  • Semiconductors
  • Thin films
  • Wear
  • Processing
  • Nanoscale properties of surfaces, interfaces, thin films, and dimensionally confined structures
  • Atom-scale mechanisms of film growth: Group IV semiconductors, nano-strain engineering, silicon nanomembranes
  • Relationship of nanostructure to localized electronic and optoelectronic properties, quantum dots
  • Development of advanced instrumentation for growth and surface and interface studies, in particular diffraction, imaging, and scanned-probe microscopies
  • Bioarrays and biomolecular surface modification
  • Bioarray fabrication and detection methods
Web Site Max Lagally's Department of Materials Science and Engineering Website
Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Issued Patent(s)
  • 7,901,744 - RF plasma-enhanced deposition of fluorinated films, issued March 2011.
  • 7,888,583 - Semiconductor nanowire thermoelectric materials and devices, and processes for producing same, issued February 2011.
  • 7,858,876 - Graphite-based photovoltaic cells, issued December 2010.
  • 7,812,353 - Front and backside processed thin film electronic devices, issued October 2010.
  • 7,777,290 - PIN diodes for photodetection and high-speed, high-resolution image sensing, issued August 2010.
USPTO Published Applications
  • 20150270350 - Graphene-on-semiconductor substrates for analog electronics, published September 2015.
  • 20150129911 - Strain tunable light emitting diodes with germanium p-i-n heterojunctions, published May 2015.
  • 20140239201 - Anisotropic conducting films for electromagnetic radiation applications, published August 2014.
  • 20140209977 - Doped and strained flexible thin-film transistors, published July 2014.
Recent Publication(s)
  • Control of three-dimensional island growth with mechanically responsive single-crystal nanomembrane substrates. Kim-Lee HJ, Savage DE, Ritz CS, Lagally MG, Turner KT. Phys Rev Lett. 2009 Jun 5;102(22):226103. Epub 2009 Jun 5.

  • Influence of surface chemical modification on charge transportproperties in ultrathin silicon membranes. Scott SA, Peng W, Kiefer AM, Jiang H, Knezevic I, Savage DE, Eriksson MA, Lagally MG. ACS Nano. 2009 Jul 28;3(7):1683-92. doi: 10.1021/nn9000947. Epub 2009 Jun 5.

  • Quantum confinement, surface roughness, and the conduction band structure of ultrathin silicon membranes. Chen F, Ramayya EB, Euaruksakul C, Himpsel FJ, Celler GK, Ding B, Knezevic I, Lagally MG. ACS Nano. 2010 Apr 27;4(4):2466-74. doi: 10.1021/nn100275z.

  • Mechano-electronic superlattices in silicon nanoribbons. Huang M, Ritz CS, Novakovic B, Yu D, Zhang Y, Flack F, Savage DE, Evans PG, Knezevic I, Liu F, Lagally MG. ACS Nano. 2009 Mar 24;3(3):721-7. doi: 10.1021/nn8008883.
Recent Artistic Works
  • Tohoku University, Miyagi, Japan
  • Soitec, USA, Peabody, MA
  • Rutgers State University
Research Tools
  • RHEED, Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction and RHEELS, Reflection High-Energy Electron Loss Spectroscopy
  • LEEM, Low Energy Electron Microscope
  • RDS, Reflectance Difference Spectroscopy
Research Facilities
E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number 608-263-2078
Current University UW–Madison
Department Materials Science and Engineering
Title Professor
Other Appointments
Address Line 1 1109 Engineering Research Building
Address Line 2 1500 Engineering Drive
City Madison
State WI
Zip Code 53706
Bachelor's Degree B.S., Pennsylvania State University, Physics, 1963
Master's Degree M.S., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Physics, 1965
PhD Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Physics, 1968
Other Degrees
Technologies Available for Licensing Methods and Devices for Precisely Dispensing Microvolumes of Fluids

Plasma-Enhanced Functionalization of Carbon-Containing Substrates

Carbon Nanotube Schottky Barrier Photovoltaic Device

Method for Countering Lattice Mismatch Between Different Semiconductor Materials

Deposition of Samples and Sample Matrix for Enhanced Sensitivity of MALDI Mass Spectrometry

Plasma-Enhanced Functionalization of Inorganic Oxide Surfaces

Improved Fabrication of Strained Silicon Multilayer Structures

PIN Diodes for Fast Photodetection, and High-Speed, High-Resolution Imaging and Sensing

Efficient and Economical Graphite-Based Photovoltaic Cells

Silicon Nanomembrane Thermoelectric Materials and Devices