Researcher: Jiming Jiang

Areas of Research Expertise
  • Plant science
  • Germplasm development, systematics and breeding
  • Molecular biology
  • Crop physiology
  • Postharvest quality
  • Edible and ornamental crop management
  • Sustainable production
  • Plant molecular cytogenetics
  • Structural and functional characterization of plant centromeres
  • Potato breeding and genomics
  • Application of wild germplasm in potato improvement
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Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Current/Active Funding
  • University of Georgia, 2010-2016, Functional genomics of maize centromeres
  • WARF, 2011-2018, Kellett mid-career faculty researcher
  • USDA, Natl Institute Food and Agriculture, 2011-2016, Improved breeding and variety evaluation methods to reduce acrylamide content and increase quality in processed potato products
  • Michigan State University, 2012-2016, Unraveling the heterozygosity, allelic diversity, and copy number variation of potato
  • Hatch Act Formula Fund, 2013-2017, Genetic and molecular dissection of resistance to cold-induced sweetening derived from wild potato Solanum raphanifolium
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Service, 2013-2017, Genomics-aided development of Cucumis hystrix introgression lines for cucumber improvement
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Service, 2013-2016, Resistance-determining interactions between phytopathogenic phytophthora effector ipi-o and the host resistance protein rb
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Service, 2013-2016, Use of alien genes from wild relatives for cucumber improvement
  • NSF, 2014-2018, Development of a genome-wide enhancer map in Arabidopsis thaliana
  • University of Georgia, 2015-2020, Functional genomics of maize centromeres
  • Hatch Act Formula Fund, 2015-2017, eIF4E-mediated resistance against Potato Virus Y strains (WIS01866)
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Service, 2015-2018, Understanding mechanisms of resistance-breaking by strains of PVY
  • USDA, Agricultural Research Service, 2015-2017, Next-generation sequencing, molecular markers and bioinformatics analysis to distinguish the genders of date palm trees
  • Wisconsin Potato Industry Board, 2014-2016, Varietal responses to transient heat stress and tuber maturity at harvest in the development of stem-end chip defect
  • Wisconsin Potato Industry Board, 2015-2017, Varietal susceptibility to stem-end chip defect
  • US - Israel Binational Agricultural Resear, 2015-2017, Postharvest sweetening of potato seed tubers and effects on their yield performance
Issued Patent(s)
USPTO Published Applications
  • 20100199386 - Control of cold-induced sweetening and reduction of acrylamide levels in potato or sweet potato, published August 2010.
  • 20050204419 - Potato genes for resistance to late blight, published September 2005.
Recent Publication(s)
  • Evaluation of type II thyroplasty on phonatory physiology in an excised canine larynx model. Devine EE, Hoffman MR, McCulloch TM, Jiang JJ. Laryngoscope. 2016 May 25. doi: 10.1002/lary.26017. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Validation and Evaluation of the Effects of Semi-Occluded Face Mask Straw Phonation Therapy Methods on Aerodynamic Parameters in Comparison to Traditional Methods. Mills R, Hays C, Al-Ramahi J, Jiang JJ. J Voice. 2016 May 19. pii: S0892-1997(16)30067-4. doi: 10.1016/j.jvoice.2016.04.009. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Extension and Application of High-Speed Digital Imaging Analysis Via Spatiotemporal Correlation and Eigenmode Analysis of Vocal Fold Vibration Before and After Polyp Excision. Wang JS, Olszewski E, Devine EE, Hoffman MR, Zhang Y, Shao J, Jiang JJ. Ann Otol Rhinol Laryngol. 2016 May 10. pii: 0003489416644618. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Isolation and Proteomics Analysis of Barley Centromeric Chromatin Using PICh. Zeng Z, Jiang J. J Proteome Res. 2016 May 10. [Epub ahead of print]
Recent Artistic Works
  • University of Georgia, Plant Biology
  • Hawaii Agriculture Research Center
  • University of Hawaii, Molecular Bioscience and Bioengineering
  • Miami University, Botany
  • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Plant Biology
  •  National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing
  • Genome Research Facility, NASA Ames Research Center
  •  Yale University, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
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Research Facilities
E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number 608-262-1878
Current University UW–Madison
Department Horticulture
Title Professor
Other Appointments
Address Line 1 Moore Hall - Agronomy
Address Line 2 1575 Linden Drive
City Madison
State WI
Zip Code 53706
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
PhD Ph.D., Kansas State University, 1993
Other Degrees
Technologies Available for Licensing “Freedom Russet” (W1836-3rus): A Dual Purpose Russet

"White Pearl" (W-1355-1), a Chipping Potato for Cold Storage Conditions

W1386: A High-Yield Chipstock Potato with Excellent Specific Gravity and Long-Term Storage Potential

"Mega Chip" (W1201), an Early Bulking, White Potato for Chipping

"Villetta Rose" (W2275-3R), a Red Skin Potato Line for Fresh Market and Canning

"Tundra" (W2310-3), a Chipping Potato for Longer Cold Storage