Researcher: Craig Grau

Areas of Research Expertise
  • Pathogens
  • Disease
  • Plant health
  • Weather
  • Microorganisms
  • Nutrition
  • Genetics
  • Physiology
  • Fungi
  • Bacterial pathogens
  • Diseases of legumes caused by fungi, nematodes and viruses
  • Phialophora gregata, sclerotinia sclerotiorum, heterodera glycines, aphanomyces euteiches¬†
  • The insect-virus complex in soybean
  • The role of crop management practices as means to manage diseases of legumes
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Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Current/Active Funding
  • WARF, 2005-2020, Laboratory share of royalty and licensing - professor Craig R Grau
  • Hatch Multi-State Research Formula Fund, 2013-2017, Utilizing genomics and plant breeding to enhance snap bean competitiveness
Issued Patent(s)
USPTO Published Applications
Recent Publication(s)
  • Variation in reaction to spp. identified in a common bean ( L.) population developed for field-based resistance to root rot and wilt. Ronquillo-López MG, Grau CR, Nienhuis J. Crop Science. 2010 Nov;50(6):2303. doi: 10.2135/cropsci2010.02.0099.

  • Correlation between soil ph, population densities, and soybean yield. Pedersen P, Tylka GL, Mallarino A, Macguidwin A, Koval NC, Grau CR. Crop Science. 2010 Jul;50(6). doi: 10.2135/cropsci2009.08.0432.

  • Identification of aster yellows phytoplasmas in soybean in Wisconsin based on RFLP analysis of PCR-amplified products (16s RDNAS). Lee ME, Grau CR, Lukaesko LA, Lee I-M. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology. 2010 Apr;2003(2):125-130. doi: 10.1080/07060660309506986.

  • Effect of agronomic practices and soybean growth stage on the colonization of basal stems and taproots by var. Pedersen P, Grau CR. Crop Science. 2010 Mar;50(2). doi: 10.2135/cropsci2009.06.0289.
Recent Artistic Works
  • Iowa State University, Plant Biology
  • Ohio State University, Horticulture & Crop Science
  • Purdue University, Agronomy
  • University of Illinois, Crop Science
  • US Dairy Forage Research Center, R Hatfield
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E-mail Address [email protected]
Phone Number 608-262-1410
Current University UW–Madison
Department Plant Pathology
Title Emeritus Professor
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Address Line 1 484A Russell Laboratories
Address Line 2 1630 Linden Drive
City Madison
State WI
Zip Code 53706
Bachelor's Degree
Master's Degree
PhD Ph.D., University of Minnesota, Plant Pathology
Other Degrees
Technologies Available for Licensing Soybeans Resist Sclerotinia Stem Rot

Soybean Lines with Superior Resistance to Sclerotinia Stem Rot

Disease Resistant Alfalfa Populations

Two Novel Soybean Cyst Nematode and Brown Stem Rot Resistant Soybean Lines